Etourism Uganda

Our initiative is to develop the potential of tourism online and turn it into reality through ICTs. The internet has impacted the way people work, live and do business around the world. The internet has immeasurable choices.

Etourism can be defined as the process by which tourism / hospitality processes and affiliated activities are digitalized. eTourism reconfigures traditional activities (print vs. internet).

Electronic tourism (e-tourism): the application of ICTs on the tourism industry (Buhalis, 2003). Buhalis (2003) suggests that e-tourism reflects the digitisation of all processes and value chains in the tourism, travel, hospitality and catering industries. At the tactical level, it includes e-com-merce and applies ICTs for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the tourism organization. At the strategic level, e-tourism revolutionizes all business processes, the entire value chain as well as the strategic relationships of tourism organizations with all their stakeholders.

It is however firmly believed that adoption of e-business will facilitate traditional tourism system to be gradually integrated with the digital economy. ICT has enabled to create business linkages across regions, cultures and different business sectors. The strategies for national and regional e-tourism should be developed in the Uganda with adequate research keeping in mind the broad framework of ICT strategies for development. Tourism companies ought to utilize new technologies and the internet for electronic distribution, promotion and advertising of their products and services.

Etourism increases the market share, reservations and later or sooner the profit margin. There is an online exchange of information [descriptions, availability, booking, connection

Etourism Uganda offers innovative solutions and quality services.

Our major activities include

Etourism: Functional and innovative solutions in the tourism industry, travel support services, products via Internet, promotion services, travel writing in sectors such as Destinations, Travel Agencies, Hotels, services and so more.

Web Development: Design of professional websites and web application development addressed to travelers (B2C) and tourism professionals (B2B).

ICT Solutions: Software, online systems for Reservation and integration, Travel portals etc

E-Marketing: promotion on the internet (Search Engine Marketing), on-line promotional activities. Search Engine Optimization for Google, MSN, Bing etc

Consultancy services: In areas of IT, Online presentation, Online Marketing and distribution, Social media, SEO for promotion of websites.


Connect Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs), Business Management, and Tourism.


Connect, Interact and Influence.


  • Spreading of information about Uganda as a Tourism Destination and the rest East Africa.
  • Collaborate with international organizations to encourage tourism and technology innovation.
  • Support social causes such as sustainability, poverty reduction and reducing the digital divide.

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