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A tourism destination is a multi-faceted composite of many individual products and services that can be difficult to unify. A strong brand insulates itself from the threat of competition by reducing substitutability, and in a marketplace saturated with many similar destinations differentiation becomes the only way to survive.

The most cited reasons listed for creating a destination brand include image, recognition, differentiation, consistency, brand messages, emotional response, and expectations. Destination brands give visitors an assurance of quality experiences, reduce visitor search costs and offer a way for destinations to establish a unique selling proposition.

A destination brand is also made up of the components of awareness and image. Like before, brand awareness is considered a pre-requisite to any other brand dimensions. Without some level of awareness, the consumer cannot have perceptions on the destination’s image, quality, etc. A destination brand image could be defined as “perceptions about the place as reflected by the associations held in tourist memory”

A brand needs to be aspirational, inspirational, challenging, differentiated, and translatable to different audiences. A translatable brand also makes it more conducive to sub-positioning and more focused targeting. A brand should be inspirational to create that emotional attachment, and aspirational to appeal to consumers’ self-actualization needs. An inspirational offer is exciting, it appeals to a tourists aspirations and emotions. A credible offer is more familiar and believable. The more a brand identity is based around a factual attribute the less emotionally appealing it will be. However, a brand message that appeals to a tourist’s wildest dreams could set the consumer up for disappointment and the brand up for failure because it would be hard to deliver on a promise that big.

An Etourism Uganda brand strategy sets the trends for using one voice, look, images and words to make a place as unique as possible. We sit and work with you to differentiate you from other brands. We identify the experiences and brand actions such as social media, info-graphics, service, online, advertising and ecological applications that will bring your brand to life. Together with you we work on actions for Tourism experience design, trainings and brand communications.

Brand Services include;

For any Destination to become respected and convincing brand it must be enticing, rewarding and unique as possible. We at Etourism Uganda can bring out the best in your destination through our brand services:

  • Website Design
  • Destination Marketing
  • Logo and Visual Identity design
  • Social Media and Content Development
  • Repositioning and Rebranding
  • Brand Education and Coaching
  • Product Development
  • Creative Design

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