Promoting Destinations

Are you a destination owner i.e. Hotel, Lodge, Spa, Vacation rental or Honeymoon destination, name it? As a destination owner you ought to create an emotional connection with your future guests so that they can’t imagine staying anywhere but only at your destination. Our destination marketing provides future guests with more information about your destination, drives sales, foster customer loyalty.

The tourism industry is unlike any other because, instead of a product, you are selling a place and all the things it has to offer. You are competing with the entire world every time you promote tourism in a given destination, and this high level of competition demands a creative and unique approach. To be successful, your marketing should constantly put forth the best possible image of your destination, while creating interest on a broad scale in as many ways as possible.

Only successful promotion can entice and attract potential travellers to visit the destination.

The key characteristics of the promotion are the method of communicating the information, the content of the promotion and the cost to the operator. The promotion has a target market, and the method and content of the promotion has to appeal to the people who it reaches. The price the members of the target market are willing to pay has to cover the cost of the promotion.

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