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travel writing

Travel writing incorporates research to enhance the background information even if the writer didn’t know the information about the place at the time of trip. Travel writing includes clearly describing the location and focuses on elements that are key to the story or experience, clearly describes any important people so that readers feel as if they know them a little, uses dialogue where possible to help make the story happen for the reader and blend reflections on the experience with the story telling to help reader see the importance of experience.

We offer travel copy writing services. This involves creating text for hospitality and tourism marketing material e.g. Websites, travel blogs, Articles, Magazines, Brochures, Marketing emails, Sales Letter etc.

Travel writing is story telling. Are you in the travel or hospitality Industry? Do you wish for a story to be told about your business (Hotels, Lodges, Restaurant, Travel Agency, Spas etc)? We love travel and we love writing. We bring zeal to every project. Do you need rewriting your entire website, travel blog, a new brochure? Etourism team is here to help you with that.

Wikipedia- Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. Engaging, high quality content wins favor with both audiences and later Google, which means it has the powerful ability to draw your guests to you.

Travel Writing Services Include;

Tourism Copywriting (Tour Operators &Travel Agencies)

As a local tour operator or travel agency, you are aware that there is a lot of competition. But you have your uniqueness, what sets u apart from other travel companies. Our copywriting will exemplify and describe your unique offers both exhibiting and enlightening tourists why they should travel with you. You have to stand out from the competition. When you set up your company, you knew it was the best choice with outstanding service.

The purpose of copywriting is to be understandable and to the point. Don’t make use of big words when small ones will do. Our copy writing communicates your message to the intended readers so that they understand it and will be encouraged to respond. Travel writing paints a picture to get the readers to feel, they are at the destination being written about and would in the end make a decision to visit the destination.

Hospitality/Destination Copywriting

You’re Hotel, Motel, Lodge, Inn, Vacation rental, whether a luxury resort or a small cabin, needs someone to tell its story. Hospitality Copywriting blends reminiscent description to sell the uniqueness of your destination or property to someone who has never experienced it before. Compelling text communicates a strong message to potential clients and makes your destination stand out of the crowd. You need words that paint a picture an image of the only place they would like rest and relax at.

Your website ought to speak to your visitors as if they were your guests. Treat your readers like they guests at your lunch table. Give your clients a VIP experience online. Let your website be personal, explanatory (describes the tastes, scents, sights and sounds), refined and most of all photographic.

Travel Marketing

Travel marketing today must move beyond branding and into driving conversion to sales and ensuring that online marketing campaigns are built to be manageable and measurable and produce profitable results.

Travel Marketing involves advertising, promoting and selling destinations. Today social media marketing campaigns are taking over from the conventional methods of marketing.

Other writing Services include but not limited too; landing pages, Customer Success Stories, Visitors guides, Email Newsletters, Marketing Campaigns, and Brochures. Etc.

As your travel blogger, it’s my job to create blog posts that catch the attention of customers naturally. That could mean writing about your incredible destination or your company’s social perception or upcoming events – whatever it is! Email us


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