About Uganda

About Uganda

Uganda is a country located in East Africa. Other countries that make up East Africa include Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Uganda cover an area of 241,000 Square Kilometers, fresh water bodies occupy 18% of the total area. The country is comprised of various tribes located in different parts of the country which shows the diversity of culture traditions, languages and lifestyles. The largest cultural group is the Baganda based in Central Uganda. The Baganda are under a kingdom which is led by a King called the “Kabaka” in the local language. Other Ethinic groups include Toro Kingdom, Busoga Kingdom, Banyankole, Iteso, Langi, Alur and many others. Uganda is a wildlife haven with amazing scenery.


Uganda lies on a plateau, more than a thousand meters above sea level. The central area is low-lying occupied by Lake Victoria from which starts the great River Nile. Both water bodies are very resourceful to Ugandans because a number of economic actives like tourism, fishing, agriculture, Power generation take place here. The Northern and Eastern parts of Uganda are covered by savannah grasslands and are known for cattle rearing and agriculture. Eastern Uganda districts like Mbale,Tororo, Kapchorwa are mountainous and Mt. Elgon if found here. Western region which borders Congo has mountains and water bodies. Mt. Rwenzori (Mountain of the Moon) and Lake Albert are found in western region.


There are as many languages as there are districts in Uganda. The languages number about 50. The common languages spoken in Uganda include English (which is the official language), Kiswahili, Luganda, Lusoga, Lunyankole, Lutooro, Ateso and Acholi.


The climate of Uganda is vastly equatorial but due to the variation in altitude and change in climate due certain factors, the climate in Uganda tends to vary. Uganda has warm and wet seasons. In the Past wet seasons would be between March-June, September-December and warm would be between December-February but the climate has been changing during seasons. Temperatures in Uganda average from 22 degrees in the rainy season and 30 degrees in dry season.


The Hospitality industry in Uganda is very well-to-do especially in townships and in tourism areas around the country. Accommodation in Uganda varies from luxury, camps, and budget. While in Uganda for a trip, you will always find accommodation that suits your budget.


Uganda is rich in history. 3500 years ago powerful kingdoms of Buganda and Bunyoro Kitara emerged. The British established a protectorate in 1894, which reigned until Uganda was awarded its independence in 1962. The country went through a number of civil wars and strife. Uganda has had 9 presidents since it achieved its independence. In 1963 Uganda becomes a republic with Buganda's King Muteesa as president.


Uganda’s population is growing each day and today there are over 30 Million people in Uganda and the population is still growing and is comprised more of young people than elders.

Take a trip to Uganda

Entebbe Airport is the hub for Ugandan air travel. Entebbe is forty Kilometers South West of Kampala, Uganda's Capital city. Sixteen international Airlines currently have scheduled operations to and from Entebbe International Airport and serve fourteen destinations with connection to the rest of the world. Entebbe International Airport lies astride the equator at latitude 00.020 North and longitude 320 East, for which reason it has often been described as the "Airport on the Equator". Elevated at 3782 feet above sea level, the airport is part of a peninsular bordering Africa's biggest fresh-water-lake, Victoria.

Uganda has around 10 intercontinental airlines flying into Uganda on an everyday basis and it also has domestic flights as well as International Cargo flights Some of the airlines that fly here include British Airways, Kenya Airways, South African Airways, KLM Airlines, SN Brussels, Emirates airlines, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air Burundi, Air Tanzania, Rwanda Air Express, Precision air and others. This means that visitors can easily access Uganda from any part of the world.

Here are some of the main routes you need to assess when scheduling your air travel to Uganda;

    1. British Airways runs direct flights to and from London every other day at Entebbe Airport.
    2. Kenya Airways and KLM fly daily from Entebbe to Amsterdam either via Nairobi or direct.
    3. Ethiopian Airlines offers service to Addis Ababa
    4. Emirates offer flights from Entebbe to Dubai via Nairobi and Addis Ababa with onward connections to Europe, North America and Asia from Dubai. Emirates Airlines has two daily flights from New York to Dubai and you can connect in Dubai for another flight to Entebbe.
    5. Brussels Airlines flies non-stop from Entebbe to Brussels, where you can take a connecting flight to the rest of Europe or to India, China or the USA
    6. South African Airways runs Direct flights to and from Johannesburg three days a week and has recently launched daily flights from Entebbe to Johannesburg to allow passengers to connect to other flights.

Uganda's geographical location in the heart of Africa, gives Entebbe International Airport greater advantage for hub and spoke operations in the Great Lakes region. Many flights to other cities in Africa therefore take place from here.

Your good deal on airfares depends on the season when you are planning to make your trip. Low cost flights are available early November until end of March the following year. Although during the Christmas and New Year’s week flights are expensive. In March, April, May and early June, airfares are fair and quite competitive whereas in late June to early September flights are quite costly since most people and families make their trips during this time because the weather is very friendly.

Here is how you can get an affordable flight to Uganda during the high season.

Compare prices for air tickets to Uganda from all airlines operating in your country with Entebbe Uganda as one their destinations. You can do this by using the internet or by inquiring from a travel agency.

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