Uganda is a blessed destination to hikers interested in participating in Mountain climbing activities and trekking tours. Be it high mountains, small hills or medium sized mountains, they are available for exploring and adventure.

Rwenzori Mountains

Both Western and Eastern borders are marked by mountains. Uganda has the Rwenzori snowcapped Mountains also referred to as the Mountains of the Moon which form about 80Km of the border between Uganda and DR Congo. It located in western Uganda and is shared by both Uganda and DR Congo. The mountain is open to tourist interested in hiking to the top. Mt Stanley is the highest peak in the Rwenzori Mountains followed by Magherita (5,113m), Alexandria (5,094m). Down South lies the Mt Muhavura(4,132m) with Virunga (Mufumbiro)Volcanoes and Mt Mgahinga (3,648m). Also Mt Sabinio(3,477m) which marks the border with DR Congo and Rwanda.

You can as well participate in walks. Ready to ascend to the glacial peaks of over 5100m, Rwenzori Mountain is the place for you.

Rwenzoori Mountains include National Park called Rwenzori Mountains National Park and the following peaks: Mt Baker(4,843 m), Mt Emin (4,798 m), Mt Gessi (4,715 m), Mt Luigi di Savoia(4,627 m), Mt Stanley (5,1009 m) and Mt Speke (4,890 m)

Virunga (Mufumbiro) Volcanoes/Mountains - lie along the western border of Uganda (with Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo) as part of the Albertine Rift. The range includes Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and the following peaks: Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhabura and Mount Sabyinyo.

Mt. Elgon

It is situated in the Eastern part of Uganda bordering Kenya marked with volcanic hills. Mt. Elgon is 120km north of the equator. It raises from 1,200m plains to attain a height of 4,324 meters. The rich soil from its slopes is eroded in the plains below. Tourist activities taking place at Mt. Elgon include nature walks, game viewing and cultural visits. Mt Elgon is rich with a biodiversity of Fauna and Flora. Its popular destination for high and medium climbers with a vastly forested volcano with a base covering an area of more than Wagagai Peak is found on the Ugandan side. The amazing mountaineering experience at Mt.Elgon is unbeatable.

Interested in Mt. Elgon, you ought to carry rain gear, stove, camp gear, camera, binoculars, guide books, first aid kits, warm sleeping bag, bottles, and plastic materials among others.

Other Mountains

North of Mountain Elgon is Kadam Peak which reaches a height of 3, 054 m and Mt Moroto at 3, 085 m. In the northeast lies, Mt Zulia, Mt Morungole and the Dodoth and Labwor hills which reach heights in excess of 2,000 m. Imatong Mountains and Mt Langia at 3,029m marking the border of Southern Sudan.

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