Water Bodies

Water Bodies

Uganda is a well-watered country. Nearly one-fifth of the total area, or 44,000 square kilometers, is open water. Most of the country lies in the watershed of the Nile River.

Highlights includes Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the second largest freshwater lake in the world, which dominates the southeastern corner of the nation, with almost one-half of its 10,200-square-kilometer area lying inside Ugandan territory. Lake Victoria drains through the Victoria Nile, the shallow Lake Kyoga, the spectacular Murchison (Kabalega) Falls and into Lake Albert, having collected inflow from rivers draining much of central Uganda.

The land west of Lake Victoria is traversed by valleys that were once rivers carrying the waters of Lake Victoria into the Congo River system.

The Katonga River flows slowly eastward from a Katonga Wildlife Refuge into Lake Victoria. From the western side of the Katonga watershed water flows southwest into Lake George. This sometimes leads to the assumption that the Katonga River flows from Lake Victoria (elevation 1,133 meters) westward to Lake George (elevation 914 meters). Lake George and Lake Edward are connected by the Kazinga Channel.

The Semliki River, DRC/Uganda drains Lake Edward and flows into the southern end of Lake Albert.

From Lake Albert, the Nile is known as the Albert Nile as it travels roughly 200 kilometers to the Southern Sudan border, gathering water from the West Nile region via the Zoka River and others.

Other major rivers include the Achwa River which gathers water from in the northeastvia several rivers and joins the Nile in Sudan.

Along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lake Albert, Lake Edward, and Lake George occupy troughs in the Albertine Rift.

Lake Bunyonyi

As its name "Bunyonyi" It means a place of many little birds. Lake Bunyonyi is Uganda’s deepest lake. The scenery at this lake is spectacular and the lake has an island and terrace hills. If you are an active birder or interested in bird watching, this is your place to visit. It is also a relaxing place. Activities like fishing, canoeing and swimming can be done in this place. People also referred to as Batwa also stay near this lake, you can as well visit their communities.

Sipi Falls

Sipi falls are found in Mountain Elgon western side next to the rock paintings. At the fall you will be able find birds and wildlife. The falls are amazing to view as one can trek to where the falls are.

Rivers include: Achwa River, Albert Nile, Kabi River, Kafu River, Kagera River, Katonga River, Kazinga Channel, Kidepo River, Lamia River, Mayanja River, Nkusi River, Okot River, Ora River, Pager River, Semliki River, Zoka River and Victoria Nile.

Lakes Include: Lake Albert, Lake Bisina, Lake Bugundo, Lake Edward, Lake George, Lake Kachera, Lake Katwe, Lake Kayumbu, Lake Kitandra Lake kwania, Lake Kyoga, Lake Mutanda, Lake Mulehe, Lake Nabugabo, Lake Nakuwa, Lake Nyamusingire, Lake Opeta, Lake Saka, Lake Wamala and Lake Victoria( Shared with Kenya and Tanzania)


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