Adventure Trips

Wildlife Safaris are among the adventure tours that tour companies organize. During an adventure safari to one of the Parks and sites in Uganda, you will be able to see animals like mountain gorillas which can be tracked in Bwindi Impenetrable National Pack. Gorilla Tracking is a major tourist appeal especially in Bwindi. There are chimpanzees in the Kibale Forest National Park which offers the best tracking activity for these primates, Baboons, Colobus, Blue Red tail Monkeys, Mangabey, Bush Babies and Pottos. Kibale forest national Park is one of the unique and stately forests in Uganda; it is a habitat of the impressive mammal like Bats, Elephants and others.

Adventure tours also take place at Kyambura Wildlife Reserve which is part of Queen Elizabeth National Park and supports Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards, Hogs and others.

There is more adventure in the Pearl of Africa! Uganda has some remarkable hiking trails in the Rwenzori Mountains. You can climb for days and see the peak covered in snow. At the peak of the volcanoes you will get to view Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo all in one flash.

Mt Elgon is a national park where you will view the amazing Sipi Falls. As well you can climb to the peak for days, you can camp there and equipment is available. Hikers are invited to take this adventure Ugandan Mountains. Visiting the Source of River Nile is another adventure activity you can go to while on your trip. Activities like Quad riding, Water rafting, fishing and horseback riding are doable.

Looking for adventure, wildlife and business, Uganda is the place to tour.

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