Community Tourism

Community tourism (sometimes called community-based tourism) is a form of tourism which aims to include and benefit local communities, particularly indigenous peoples and villagers in the rural South (ie 'developing world'). For instance, villagers might host tourists in their village, managing the scheme communally and sharing the profits. There are many types of community tourism project, including many in which the 'community' works with a commercial tour operator, but all community tourism projects should give local people a fair share of the benefits/profits and a say in deciding how incoming tourism is manage.

Tourism that benefits the local people is possible and is taking place in Uganda. Local people participate in the tours. Community tourism brings back a fair share of the profits to support local projects e.g. Schools, Health Centers

Community tours open up a world of adventure and opportunity. Good community-based tours take you beyond mainstream tourism. You'll meet people from different cultures and learn far more about them and their culture than on conventional tours. You'll feel better knowing that your visit is genuinely helping your hosts.

Benefits of Community Tourism

  • Tourism income most likely to remain in the community.
  • Diversifies economic activity in a community.
  • Encourages protection of community resources.
  • Gets a unique look at a particular destination.
  • Tourist receives a real experience and learns personally about the community from   a local guide.

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