Group Tours

Group tours follow a preset and pre-arranged itinerary. They often only take place depending on the number of travelers that is to say they require a certain number of travelers in order to go ahead or it becomes a financial cost rather than profitable. It is also worth noting there are a maximum number of travelers on group tours too, as determined by the mode of transport. Group tours are generally always escorted or a tour guide service is provided.

This type of tour offers a sense of security or overcomes language and cultural barriers. Also, these types of tours are often to some extent educational, the tour guide providing local, historical and cultural knowledge or insight gives the consumer are more experience and understanding of the country (place) visited.

Group Tours are cost saving and budgeting.

Travelling with a group means friendship, fun and adventure plus the security that group travel brings. With unrivalled experience of recommended tour companies by us in Africa also ensures your holiday is well planned to make the most of our spectacular continent.

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